Vent Cleaning Companies

Find Vent Cleaning Companies That Can Refresh Your Vents for Better Health and Safety

For many companies, keeping a clean place of business is one of the most key of all the factors in ensuring a pleasant environment for guests and customers to visit. This is true no matter the type of business you run — even if you’re only in charge of overseeing an office environment. Clean floors, spotless restrooms, and more all contribute to not only a healthier environment, but one in which people enjoy being in, too. However, not everything that requires cleaning is easy to see. Just because it’s out of sight, though, does not mean it should be out of mind — and this is exactly the case when it comes to every air vent in your location. Not only can these become laden with dust and grime, but left uncleaned, they could become a trouble spot for mould.

At Professional Duct Cleaning Services, our team is here to provide you with the assistance necessary for tackling this unique cleaning job. While you may have staff or a cleaning company to handle the basic janitorial tasks, this is an area that requires a more knowledgeable approach. Whether your vents are up high, down low, or just plain difficult to access, our team has the equipment and ability to leave behind a vastly cleaner system. Why is it so important to tackle this task? Aside from inhibiting potential mould growth, there are a few other reasons to seek out vent cleaning companies.

What happens when you don’t undertake regular vent cleaning?

Over time, dirty vents will begin to have an impact on the overall air quality of the space. Think about it: the air that flows through them must pass over accumulated layers of dust. While some dust settles out of the air, it can pick up even more and carry it out of the vents—which can contribute to a dustier space in general while also potentially irritating customers or employees. However, if the area of concern is a kitchen space and you haven’t obtained air vent cleaning in some time, the risk of a fire increases. Thorough vent cleaning with the special chemicals and techniques used by PDCS can reduce this risk and even foster quieter operation for the extractor fan.

As a final consideration, think about the rate of air flow through vents that haven’t received cleaning. Naturally, it will decrease. In the case of an aircon system, that means the main unit will need to work harder to push the same amount of air through the vents. If your energy costs have been rising over time, this could be a factor at work.

PDCS is here to help at your convenience

Avoiding these issues is simple — reach out for help professional cleaning companies today. Our team has completed large-scale jobs in demanding applications, including work performed on behalf of local councils. Push the “reset” button on your vents and create a safer, healthier work environment with just one visit. Learn more about the team behind PDCS or contact us to arrange for a service visit.