Dirty ducting is a fire risk:

Simply because of the amount of grease and dirt that builds up over time, no matter how efficient the extraction system or your regular filter cleaning program this build up of grease is inevitable.

Every year, thousands of restaurants erupt in flames, causing millions of dollars in property damage, civilian injuries, and even some fatalities. More than half of restaurant fires originate in the kitchen.


A correctly maintained Extraction Fan has many benefits:

  • Reduced vulnerability – (70% of kitchen fires start in the extraction canopies/ductwork)
  • Safe and comfortable temperature for workSafe noise level – appropriate level of communication
  • To comply with Insurance & Fire Regulations

How often should the ducting be cleaned?

  • Heavy use (12-16 hours cooking a day) – every 3 months
  • Moderate use (6-12 hours cooking a day) – every 6 months
  • Light use (2-6 hours cooking a day) – every year