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When it comes to guaranteeing your restaurant’s performance and profitability, maintaining high hygiene standards is crucial. 

The hood as well as ductwork exhaust system should be maintained on a regular basis to guarantee a safe cooking environment. A properly functioning system provides maximum performance and results in a working environment that is cooler, cleaner, and more productive for employees.

Many restaurants have been destroyed by fire as a result of badly maintained extraction systems, causing significant financial loss. These fires start in the kitchen, then spread through the exhaust system and then onto the roof, where they can swiftly spread. Grease fires heat up quickly, reaching temperatures of around 1400 degrees. Maintaining a fire-safe kitchen exhaust system and grease-free can help to keep your restaurant safe from fire.

The Process of Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning:

The Fire Act mandates that kitchen exhaust cleaning be performed at least once every 12 months. Whereas recommendations suggest that all elements of the canopy cleaning gold coast, including ductwork, be inspected weekly and cleaned as needed. It is crucial to check with your insurance carrier to see what their policy is, as some businesses require hood cleaning to be done more frequently than once a year. Filters should be cleaned regularly.

Plastic sheets are used to protect furniture and equipment near the work area. The collected materials on the duct walls are harmful, and direct contact should indeed be avoided for health and safety reasons. 

Access panels are installed as needed to allow for duct cleaning and subsequent fogging. Access panels enable a first-hand assessment of the service provided, simplifying future inspections and lowering maintenance expenses.

At the end of the separately working shift, the exhaust system will be restored to normal operational capacity.

When the exhaust repair is finished, the work area is completely cleaned, and all debris is removed.

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