Canopy Cleaning Services Brisbane

Canopy Cleaning Services in Brisbane and the Gold Coast with Professional Duct Cleaning Services

Your kitchen staff is full of professionals who maintain high standards in food preparation and cleanliness. No matter how clean the rest of the kitchen is, your employees don’t have the tools to clean your canopy to meet the standards of the rest of your kitchen. Professional Duct Cleaning Services has the tools and experience to provide you with excellent canopy cleaning services in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Your canopy draws air which contains smoke, steam, and grease and carries it through the ductwork, expelling it to the outdoors. The particles and smells travelling with the air settle out in the ducts and accumulate. It can turn into a breeding ground for bacteria and mould and attract pests such as rodents and insects. We can reach the areas you can’t to remove the grease and grime and prevent issues.

Benefits of Professional Canopy Cleaning Services

The bacteria and mould that grow inside ductwork can cause illness for your staff and customers. If your customers get sick, it could devastate your reputation and take you years to regain the trust of the community. If your staff gets sick, your kitchen won’t be able to perform at its full capacity. The quality and timeliness of your service will suffer. Our canopy cleaning service will keep your air clean, fresh, and free of airborne bacteria emanating from your ducts.

When grease and food smells collect, vermin are attracted, and these pests will make your kitchen their home. Rats, mice, cockroaches, and other pests can spread disease by walking through the build-up and depositing the bacteria throughout your equipment as they walk. They leave droppings wherever they go. While you can’t see bacteria, mice and roaches are very visible and will cause your customers to lose confidence—and may trigger an inspection from the authorities. Regular canopy cleaning services reduce the chances of infestation by keeping the unseen areas of your kitchen as clean as the rest.

Two of the main components of ductwork accumulation, dust and grease, are very combustible. The canopy is over equipment like gas ranges so it’s not unforeseeable for excessive build-up to catch fire. If that happens, the fire can quickly travel through the ductwork to destroy your whole restaurant. Because the likelihood of fire is so high with a dirty canopy and ductwork, many insurance policies even require proof of regular professional canopy cleaning services in Brisbane.

We’ll Meet the Standards

Australia requires kitchen equipment to be cleaned and sanitised so it doesn’t compromise the safety of the food it contacts or permit the transmission of infectious disease. Our professional services meet Australian standards, but more importantly, we want to meet your standards. We take pride in providing comprehensive cleaning services to the satisfaction of our customers. If you need reliable and timely canopy cleaning services in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, contact PDCS.